The Rough 2C

Description of 2C:

The Rough 2C is a pre-emptive opening showing:

Additionally, 2C shouldn't be opened on a 4441 shape, or with a void, or with two aces.

Suggested responses to 2C:

2D = puppet stayman (asking opener to bid 2H with 4 spades, or 2S with 4 hearts);

2H = pass/correct (asking opener to pass with 4 hearts, or correct to 2S with 4 spades);

2S = natural and non-constructive, although opener should raise to 3S with a non-minimum hand and 4 spades;

2NT = natural, 16-18HCP balanced - opener can remove to 3C with a minimum and 5 clubs;

3C+ = natural and non-forcing.

Further information:

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