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Welcome to the Rough 2s website. If you don't play bridge, you are unlikely to understand a word of what follows!

In the game of duplicate bridge, many 'natural' systems have emerged over the years, such as Acol and standard American. Information on a variety of interesting systems, some very exotic, can be found through my friend Dan Neill's page.

This website attempts to describe a particular style of 'assumed fit' pre-empts, which have been growing in popularity in recent years. These openings are often considered to be more aggressive than 'traditional' pre-empts such as standard weak 2s. The Rough 2C and 2D are similar to the older Ekren 2D opening, which shows a weak hand with both majors. It is now more popular for an assumed fit pre-empt to include length in the suit bid, as this will generally make it harder to defend.

Below, you can find links to pages describing the 'Rough 2C' and 'Rough 2D' openings, and some thoughts on weak bidding theory in 'natural' systems.

Two other popular assumed fit pre-empts include the Frelling 2D and the Jammer 2D. I recommend experimenting with these bids, as well as the Rough 2C/2D!

You can contact me (if you ignore the inverted commas) at:   ben "at' rough2s "dot' info