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Free range piglet

Today is Christmas Day. Granny, Grandad and Aunty Eleanor are visiting Hong Kong at the moment and they bought some nice presents for me. And Uncle Ray and Auntie Ping Ping gave me my very own vacuum cleaner. I even got some presents from my friends in England! It’s so exciting to have new toys to play with.

I have been practicing walking recently. I can walk a few steps as long as there is someone there to catch me. And today I was brave enough to walk off on my own! I can also understand a lot of what is said to me in Cantonese and I can speak the most important words like ‘poe poe’ (pick me up), ‘beng beng’ (biscuit), ‘ball ball chiht’ (play room). I can even say some phrases like ‘toe toe bee bee gai gai ju’ (baby JD is going out for a walk).

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Recovering at home

Here’s some photos of the last week - this is me with gung gung before the surgery:
before the surgery

Feeling poorly the next day:
the day after the surgery

Cheered up by por por, EE and Auntie Ping Ping:
visited by por por, EE and Auntie Ping Ping

Recovering at home:
on home leave

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Home, James

I’m so happy; today we went home and I played with all my favourite toys, I ate some nice congee made by EE, and learnt the alphabet with por por. It was a bit scary when I had to go back to the hospital in the afternoon to see the doctor, but nothing nasty happened. Then the doctor said that I didn’t need to stay overnight in the hospital any more. But I still need to see the doctor every day for another week.

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The worst day of my life

It was horrible. I don’t recommend surgery to any other 18 month olds.

It was very painful for a few days after the surgery, but I am feeling a bit better today. I played with daddy this morning even though he doesn’t know the proper lyrics or tune to my favourite song:

This afternoon I went gai gai ju around the ward, in my pushchair. It was so nice to get out of my room.

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