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Saying bye bye

I like to say “bye bye baba” when he leaves home. And I say “bye bye mama” when she goes out. And I say “bye bye EE” and “bye bye gung gung” when they are leaving. But I never say “bye bye por por”. I don’t want her to leave!

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Keeping one hand spare

Usually I like mummy to hold both my hands when I’m walking. But today I tried keeping one hand spare, in case there is something I need to pick up on the way.

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Ears, eyes, nose

I know where my ears (yee tsai), eyes (ngan tsing) and nose (bei bei) are, and I can show you if you ask. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, because I had to urgently tell daddy where his nose and ears were. When mum heard me calling, she took me back to their bedroom, and I played with daddy. I poked his nose and told him that it was “baba bei bei”, then i pinched his ears and checked if he knew what they were called. It was so much fun, I didn’t want to go back to sleep!

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A lot of jibber jabber

I like to talk! I can explain all about ducks to mum and dad, and how they are yellow and shiny, but I wish they could understand me better.

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Which person is JD? Put your hand up!

Mum asked that whoever is JD should put his hand up - I am, mum!

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