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A long gai gai ju

Tonight I’m going on a long gai gai ju again. When I wake up I hope I’ll be able to see Por Por and EE. But I will miss all my friends in England.

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Going to the park

I really enjoy going to the park with mum and granny. We go to feed the ducks with bread. I like throwing the bread to them, and watching them eat it.
feeding the ducks

I even got to play on the swings
on the swings

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Vaguely familiar surroundings

I’m now in the UK. Lots of things seem vaguely familiar. I really like playing with granny and grandad and Aunty Eleanor. And I like crawling around their big house, there are so many rooms to explore and strange objects to investigate.

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Going to England

I’m going to England tonight. I think I will sleep as much as possible today, so that I can stay awake for the entire flight tonight. Flights are so exciting. I hope mum and dad have prepared lots of fun things to keep me occupied!

This time tomorrow I’ll be playing with granny and grandad, and Aunty Eleanor. And Great Granny and all my other friends in England. I’m so looking forward to it! I can show off my new teeth, and my extensive vocabulary. And I can run rampant all through their big house, go up and down the stairs, and play in the garden.

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Mama, baba

This morning when I woke up in my cot, I looked up at mummy and said “mama”, then I looked up at daddy and said “baba”. I think it’s the first time that I have identified both of them correctly.

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Gai Gai Ju

I can’t say many things yet, although I can understand what people say to me in English and Cantonese. I can say some Cantonese words like “ba ba” (daddy), “ma” (half of mummy), “geurk” (foot) and “gai” (street).

Recently I have learnt to say “gai gai ju”. I love going out, and before we go out mummy always tells me “hoi gai gai” (let’s go out) or “hoi gai gai ju” (let’s go out, piglet).

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