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Day 1 - it was a long journey. I slept some of the time. I didn’t really like the aeroplane, it was a bit boring. But it was good fun in the airport lounge, I could crawl up and down the rows of seats.

Our hotel room was nice, and I even had my own cell.
behind bars

On the second day, we went to Fish World. I saw lots of interesting fish. I even saw some penguins.
seeing the fish

On the third day, we went to Bird World. I saw lots of interesting birds. I liked the flamingos.
seeing the birds

On the fourth day we came back home again. It was a long journey, and I didn’t really enjoy the flight. I prefer being able to stretch my legs
stretching my legs

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Going on holiday

Mum and dad just woke me up, it’s not even 6am yet. They said we are leaving for a short trip to Langkawi for a few days. I wonder if I can go swimming every day. I will ask dad to take some nice photos of my new wetsuit.

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Light headed

I visited a nice man yesterday, and he played with my hair. But now something seems to be different. My head feels colder than before. My nice hair is gone! Some of it, anyway.
before after

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Teething again

Two weeks ago I had my MMR jab, and I didn’t feel very well last week. Now just as I was recovering from that, I think my top teeth are coming through. Something funny is happening up there and it’s a bit uncomfortable.

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