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A scary pig

Yesterday there was an intruder in our house. A strange pink animal suddenly appeared, making funny noises. And moving towards me as if it wanted to eat me. I was a bit scared but I managed to grab him by the nose and stop him in his tracks.
The scary pig

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My new car

Mummy’s nice colleagues bought me a new car. Now I can try driving as nicely as daddy.
My new car

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Birthday photos

Here’s some photos of me on my birthday.

I got lots of parcels and cards from around the world.
My birthday parcels

Mum and dad helped me to unwrap them all:
My birthday presents

And I got my very own little birthday cake, with a candle:
My birthday cake

Here I am playing with one of my new toys:
A new toy

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Birthday boy

I’m 1 year old today!! I’m looking forward to opening all my presents, and eating some nice birthday cake. More updates later!

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Commando crawl

When Patrick is just out of my reach, I love to crawl over and get him. I use my elbows to pull myself along, and maybe sometimes a bit of rolling near the end.

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I’m feeling a bit rough today. I didn’t sleep much last night, or today. I feel hot all the time, and it’s very irritating. Mum and dad are trying to work out what’s wrong with me.

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