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Patrick is back

Patrick is back!! I haven’t seen him for months. I’m so happy to see him again! I love to chew his rubbery bit!
my friend Patrick

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A new friend

I’ve got a new friend. EE comes to play with me every day, when mum is at work. She’s nice. She tries to feed me some funny rice soup, but I’m not very keen.

I still have a funny feeling in my mouth, as well. I wonder if I am going to get some teeth soon.

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Crawling and rolling

I’ve always been a wriggler, but recently I quite enjoy rolling around on the floor. I like to have a look under the sofa, it’s quite exciting. But when mum catches me, she calls me a Rascal.

looking under the sofa

I can also crawl short distances, if there is enough incentive. If i want to play with my ball, or get my book. Or if I can see a gap under the sofa. This morning, mum caught me crawling off my special playmat. She had gone into the kitchen and I was just trying to follow her.

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My kingdom for a hammer

Disaster! My hammer has broken! I don’t know what happened, but now it is very floppy. Now it’s not satisfying to bash it on things.
my kingdom for a hammer

Instead of bashing things, I’ve been reading my nice book:
my kingdom for a hammer

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My favourite food (9 months)

I really like mashed pear, and mashed sweet potato. I get a lot of rice cereal, but it’s a bit bland. When mum adds a bit of sweet potato, it tastes nicer. And the colour of sweet potato is great for getting all over my face, hands and clothes. Everybody will know what I ate for dinner.

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