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One more day

This time tomorrow I’ll be airborne! See you soon granny, granddad, Aunty Eleanor and all my UK friends!!

Add comment November 28th, 2006

Yummy rice

I got my first taste of rice last night. Dad made it for me, heating up some rice cereal together with my formula. I was quite interested to get something different from milk, and I scoffed it straight down. But dad refused to give me more than one teaspoon. I hope I can have some more tonight!

1 comment November 14th, 2006

Rolling on the floor laughing

This afternoon mum and dad put some foam tiles on the floor and let me roll around. I like rolling onto my front, and then rolling back to my back. I hope I can do it again tomorrow. Here’s a picture of me practicing playing with a ball:

3 comments November 12th, 2006

Looking forward to a long vacation

Quite soon I’ll be going on a long holiday. I’m going to meet a lot of new friends, and see one of my grandfathers for the first time. I’m really looking forward to chatting with Auntie Eleanor, and letting Granny Cowling change my nappies nicely. Now I’m just thinking whether it would be more exciting to stay awake for the whole 12-hour flight, or if I should get as much sleep as I can so that I’m ready for a full day of activities when I arrive. Mum and dad are suggesting me to take the second option.

This week I have been turning over from my front to my back. And I weigh 12 pounds now.

2 comments November 8th, 2006


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