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Let me introduce Patrick, a new friend. I like to grab him, and squeeze him. And his skin is quite tasty. I think we’re going to be good friends.

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A flying carrot

This morning I had a long chat with a flying carrot. I practiced my vowel sounds, and I blew some raspberries. That carrot is always hanging around near my nice green bouncy chair. It’s got wings and a smiling face, and dad says it is actually a butterfly. But it looks more like a flying carrot to me.
The carrot and I

1 comment October 26th, 2006

Milk and two sugars please

That’s what mum and dad say. I say “milk with two sugars, please”. Because my eating hasn’t quite been up to scratch, I need to add a carbohydrate supplement to my milk. The supplement is called Polycal, and it’s basically powdered dextrose. Later on, I might even add it to my grown-up food. So I’ll have yoghurt with two sugars. And Mashed Banana with two sugars. Yummy!

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Tummy time

I’ve been enjoying my tummy time recently. My head still feels very heavy, but I can lift it up for a little while, at least when there’s something interesting to look at. I prefer when I’ve got a soft cushion to lie on, like in my photo below:
Tummy time

Yesterday my lovely auntie Josephine looked after me for a few hours. I think she’s really nice! She played with me and sang some nice songs. I hope she visits me again soon.

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Rolling over

Tonight I was just going to have a lie down, but I wasn’t very tired. When mum put me down on my back, I had a wriggle, and I managed to roll over onto my front. It’s the first time I’ve done it! The only problem was that I couldn’t get back onto my back, and I don’t really like being on my tummy for too long. Luckily mum was there to help me.

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My feeding time story

For the past one week or two, Mummy tells me this story at least once a day during one of my meals. Here it comes:

I have been doing some travelling, usually through deserts in different continents. My camel and I have long walks in the sun. For some reasons, I usually get into a situation where I am abandoned by the camel, and I’m left without any water. But I’m a very lucky little boy, and I always manage to crawl to an inn or a motel in the middle of the desert. The keeper of the inn or motel is always kind to offer me different sorts of liquid. Mummy likes to emphasise how thirsty I am and how nice the water, the milk, and the soup are. She even imitates the gulping noises made by extremely thirsty people gobbling down their drinks. After hearing how hot it is in the desert, and how thirsty I am, I can’t resist drinking down my own bottle of milk.

I found this story fascinating at the beginning. But because she has repeated it a lot, I now consider it more of a bedtime story, and fall fast asleep when I hear it.

However, I am still impressed with the bit where my camel runs away. I don’t think camels are nice animals. I still prefer my cow. Also, according to the story, I have left my footprints in the deserts of America, Africa, Australia and Asia. Cool or what!!!

1 comment October 5th, 2006

Missing my granny

I miss Granny Cowling already, and she only left yesterday. She came to visit me for the last two weeks. I really like her.

Every morning at around 7am I am wide awake and ready for stimulation, but mum and dad are too worn out and just try to make me go back to sleep. So I was very happy when Granny Cowling heard me calling and got up, because she sang nice songs to me and played with me. Now every morning I’m going to wonder where she is, and why she can’t hear me calling her. Maybe I only need to call louder, or for longer, and she will come back.

However, I have to say that Granny Cowling was not as good as mum when it came to story telling. When it gets to feeding times, mum likes to tell me a very realistic story about exploring and having adventures, usually in drier parts of the world; often deserts. Granny Cowling also tried telling me this kind of story, but I wasn’t so interested in her version of events. I think I’ll write down some of these stories when I have time next week.

Here’s one of my latest photos, I hope I’ll see Granny Cowling again soon!
6 months old, with my grannies

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My friend the cow

Let me introduce my good friend the cow. I think he must have eaten something funny, because he rattles when shaken. He loves to kiss me on the cheek, and I like it too.

Some of my closer family have tried to confuse me by referring to him as a dog, but I won’t be fooled. He’s definitely a cow.

Talking to my friend the cow

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