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Finding my feet

This week I’ve discovered that I have two feet. If I reach down with my hands, and bend my knees up, i can just reach my toes and grab them. Then I like to hold on tight, and wriggle around.

I still like sucking my fingers. My usual favourites are the first and second fingers of my left hand.

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Discovering new parts

I discovered my hands a few weeks ago, and I’ve been getting to know them quite well. My thumb is my favourite part, it is just the right shape for sucking. But if I can’t find my thumb, my other fingers will do.

This week I have also discovered my tongue. I like to stick it out, and wiggle it around.

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I don’t want to go to sleep

Life is so exciting, I don’t understand why I have to sleep. I’d much rather stay awake and see all the interesting things, and talk to mum and dad. So when I start to feel tired, it is quite upsetting. And when my eyelids start to drop it is very upsetting. I really don’t want to sleep.

I’m so happy to meet my English granny, she is very nice. She sings me little songs, and gives me nice cuddles. One more reason not to sleep!

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I’m really looking forward to meeting my granny; she’s coming in a few days! I’ve been learning to speak, so that I can tell her all my exciting news myself. So far I’ve learnt how to tell her when I’m happy (”ooh”)…

I’m still loving my mobile, and all my toys which rattle or make funny noises. Sometimes I try to grab them, but often my hands aren’t free to grab anything - they are in my mouth!

Oh, and I weigh 10 pounds now!

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