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My favourite toy (2 months)

My current favourite toy is the animal mobile which plays music and spins round, above my window seat. I find it quite fascinating. Here’s a picture of me chilling out, wondering if anything interesting is going to happen:
5 months old, at home

And here’s me a bit later on, after the mobile has been wound up. wooo hoooo!! I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!!!
5 months old, at home

1 comment August 30th, 2006

Missing my nice auntie

Hi it’s me. Auntie Eleanor left on tuesday, and now I’m a bit lonely. I’ve got so used to being talked to non-stop that now i get upset when it’s quiet. Luckily mum and dad are very happy to talk to me non-stop when I’m awake. I don’t think they have anything else to do anyway.

I hope I can see my nice auntie again soon.

2 comments August 30th, 2006

What is my name?

I am confused.

Does everybody have many names? Recently I’ve noticed that different people address me differently. Mummy calls me “Bei Bei”, Granny calls me “Toe Toe”, Grandad calls me “Jims”, Auntie Eleanor calls me “James”, other grandad calls me “Jimmy”, and most other people call me “JD”.

Dad sometimes calls me “Little Rascal”, “Wrigglers”, or “Who-sthat”.

Can anyone tell me who I am?

2 comments August 21st, 2006

Dark circles

Recently I’ve been sitting on my chair on the windowsill quite a lot. I’ve been observing people around me and I suddenly realised that Mom and Dad look different than before. Now they remind me of an animal which I saw on TV. That animal has two big dark circles around its eyes.

I looked at Mummy for a long time this afternoon and I am still wondering what happened.

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Meeting my lovely auntie

Yesterday auntie Eleanor came to visit me from the UK. she’s still here. I like her, she’s very soft and warm. And she talks to me, a lot!

Today was quite exciting, mum and dad took me to see a doctor again, my throat is still a bit sore and I was a bit upset about it this morning. So I’ve got some more medication. I thought the doctor was quite nice until he mentioned injections, which I don’t like. I’ve been feeling a bit better this evening.

1 comment August 18th, 2006

Home is nicer

After 3 days, the doctors have let me go home. I’m getting more interested in my milk again.

Back at home everything seems to be where I left it, and this evening I’ve been chilling out in my window seat. A hospital cot wasn’t nearly as comfortable as my own bed. Now, the only thing left for me to do is to remind mum and dad how nice it is to have me back home. I think i’ll tell them at 4am.

2 comments August 14th, 2006

Back to somewhere which seems familiar

Recently I’ve been questioning the need to drink milk. Since monday I’ve had some strange feeling in my mouth and throat, and it hurts after drinking milk. The last two days it hurt even more, and I calmly suggested to mum and dad that I didn’t really need any milk.

So this morning mum and dad took me somewhere which seems familiar. There were doctors and nurses, although I didn’t recognise any of them. I met a nice doctor who poked me and prodded me, and asked me why I wasn’t so keen on my milk. He thinks I’ve got a thrush infection in my mouth, and this has been upsetting me. He’s prescribed me a drug called nystatin.

After our little chat, some other doctors took some blood from the back of my hand, which I didn’t appreciate. I told the doctors what I thought of them. I think they got the message.

This afternoon I was on my best behaviour. My mouth felt a bit better, and I drank lots of milk. Mum and dad have asked me to be brave tonight, when I’m on my own. I’ll see them again very soon, early tomorrow morning. They said I won’t have to stay here very long. I hope the fat boy in the next bed doesn’t snore.

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Who do I look like?

Lots of people ask me this, and I’m never quite sure what to say. Recently I definitely think I look more like mum. But daddy gets jealous when he hears people say that. Anyway I’m lucky to have dad’s curly fingernails and toenails. And I’ve definitely inherited the way he strokes his chin when thinking.

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