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Things I like

Here’s a list I thought of during my bath this afternoon:

  • Milk.
  • Sleep.
  • Lying back on mummy’s lap, watching her singing funny songs to me.
  • Listening to granny tell me to behave myself, eat more and sleep more, even when I’ve heard it a hundred times!
  • Making funny faces.
  • Warm baths, and the relieving effect they often have on my digestive system.
  • Sitting in my bouncy chair on the windowsill.

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I was having a nice little outing this morning, with mum and granny. They took me to see the nurses and doctors for a checkup. The nurse was being all nice to me (suspiciously nice), then suddenly out of nowhere she jabbed me in the leg with a needle! Then she did it again!! I was well upset, and I made sure she knew it.

The injections I got were hepatitis B, and combined diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. I’ve had a bit of a reaction this afternoon, feeling very hot and uncomfortable, and generally upset. But feeling better this evening.

These weren’t my first jabs. On the day I left hospital, I had hepatitis B and B.C.G. injections and some nasty tasting polio vaccine.

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Watching the world around me

I’m starting to notice the things around me. I look at mum and granny sometimes, and I watched my mobile go round when it was making funny noises. I’ve decided that I don’t like being left in my bed when I’m awake, and I really appreciate it when mum picks me up and cuddles me.

Last week mum let me sleep on my tummy sometimes. I practiced being a frog. One time she put me down facing to the right, which I didn’t like at all. So I lifted up my head and turned it the left instead. But it was very tiring work, and after I got there I wasn’t sure it was any better.

Oh, and I weigh 7 pounds today!

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Happy days at home

I’ve been at home for two weeks now. It’s much better than hospital. My baths are nice and warm, and those people looking after me are very helpful. And meeting new friends is good fun!

I’ve also put on a bit of a growth spurt, I weigh 6 1/4 pounds now.

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