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Relaxing in new surroundings

Coming home has been pretty exciting. The first night I was too excited to sleep. I’ve been sleeping better since the midwife showed mum and dad a different swaddle, which nice and comfy for me but I can’t wriggle out of so easily.

Here’s the latest photos of me at home.

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Home sweet home!!!


The pediatricians and surgeons checked me out this morning and said I was fine to leave. So this afternoon, mum and dad took me home. I’m loving it so far, and I’m definitely not interested in sleeping - it’s all far too exciting! I’m going to stay up all night!!!

There are some new photos.

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They kept me on the ventilator until lunchtime today, and finally gave me a little bit of milk at teatime. But i finished it all in less than 3 minutes, and was still well hungry! I think I’ll get out of intensive care tomorrow.

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A very tiring day

I had surgery again this morning. It was the same kind of operation as yesterday, but done by a different surgeon. A nice professor. But I was very weak after the operation, and couldn’t breathe very well. I’ve been starving for two days, and I’ve hardly got any energy left. So I’m on a ventilator to control my breathing, which isn’t very nice. I can’t move very much, and I can’t cry, with a big tube stuck down my throat. And although I’m really hungry, the doctors won’t let me have any milk until tomorrow.

At least the problem should be fixed now, and I can try to recover as soon as possible. I really want to go home this weekend.

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A very upsetting day

Today has been very upsetting. I didn’t get anything to eat for hours before the operation, then the surgeon kept me waiting because he was waiting for consent to operate on his first patient (I was second in line). The parents of the first patient eventually turned up to give consent, but by then it was too late for him to do my operation, and he passed my case to his assistant surgeon. They changed their mind about keyhole surgery, and instead did open surgery. Very painful after the operation.

Then this evening one of my hernias recurred, I think the stitches broke. So I’m due to have another operation first thing tomorrow morning, under general anaesthetic again. Apparently the recurrence rate is only around 1% when the operation is done by an experienced surgeon, so I’m feeling very unlucky.

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Getting edgy

I now weight more than 2kg! (see growth chart).

The surgeon came and poked me very early this morning. I’m going to have keyhole surgery on monday. Being poked about was all a bit upsetting, and spoilt my whole day.

In my state of upset, I wriggled around quite a lot and scratched my face this morning, you can see the damage in my latest photos.

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Fixed the date

My operation has been scheduled for Monday 12th June. The doctors will give me a general anaesthetic, and sort out my hernias. Then a few days later I’ll be free to leave hospital!!

I’m very nearly 2kg now!

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Waiting to go home

Now I’m big enough to go home, the reason I’m still in hospital is because I need an operation to fix my hernias. The surgeons are very busy, not sure when they will be able to fit me in. I might even have to go home first, if the waiting list is too long. The operation won’t be too serious, but is under general anaesthetic.

Mum gave me a bath today. It was better than when the nurses do it.

There are some new photos.

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