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Four pounds

I’m 4 pounds today! Last week I put on 8 ounces (275g). I might be able to go home in 2 weeks.

There are some new photos and a new growth chart, now including the WHO growth standards.

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Dodgy foot

This week I’ve been getting some physiotherapy for my right foot. It’s twisted slightly outwards, which is a mild kind of club foot. The doctor has taped up my foot, and gives me some massage every day to see if it will get back in the right position. But the physiotherapy doesn’t seem very professional, all it involves is poking and tickling my big toe. I’m quite ticklish. And now they’ve asked mum and dad to do it as well.

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Drinking from a cup

This afternoon I was very civilised and drank my milk from a cup! You can click here to see a short video of it.

At the moment I’m getting 22ml of milk every 2 hours through a feeding tube.

There are also some new photos.

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Out of intensive care!

This evening I said goodbye to the nice nurses in the intensive care unit, as they moved me to the (less intensive) special care unit! That’s exactly 8 weeks since I was born. From now on I won’t get so much attention, although I’m still plugged in to heart and oxygen monitors. I’m getting a bit of extra oxygen through a nasal cannula, but I think I won’t need it much longer.

Last week I grew a lot, but I got a bit bloated, and the doctor prescribed me diuretics to reduce the water in my body. This week it seems like I haven’t
got heavier, but I think that’s just the effect of the diuretics - I’ve still been growing bigger.

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Seven weeks old

I’m up to 3 pounds now! Last week I put on half a pound. Feeling a bit bloated now. I had more cuddles from mummy and daddy this week. I’m loving it!

There are some new photos and a new growth chart.

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Photos from 6 weeks

There are some new photos from 6 weeks.

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Meeting my mum

I had a very exciting day today. This afternoon the nurse opened up the side of my incubator, so I knew something was coming. Usually the reason for getting me out is to give me a bath or poke me with needles, but this time the nurse wrapped me up in a towel and put me in Mummy’s arms! I had such a lovely cuddle. I stared right into her eyes. Well nice. Then after a while I fell asleep.

When I woke up again, I was back in my incubator. And unfortunately it was bath time. I definitely don’t like baths.

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Six weeks

Not much to report this week. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep. I’ve grown a bit.

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