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Driving my own car

Uncle Ray and Auntie Ping Ping invited me to visit their local supermarket, and I got to drive my very own car. It was great!
supermarket trolley car

Add comment November 26th, 2007

My very own jeep

I’ve got 4 wheel drive now, in my new Jeep. I like to take it for a ride downstairs, where the terrain can get a bit rough.
new jeep

Add comment August 3rd, 2007

Going to the park

I really enjoy going to the park with mum and granny. We go to feed the ducks with bread. I like throwing the bread to them, and watching them eat it.
feeding the ducks

I even got to play on the swings
on the swings

Add comment June 29th, 2007


Day 1 - it was a long journey. I slept some of the time. I didn’t really like the aeroplane, it was a bit boring. But it was good fun in the airport lounge, I could crawl up and down the rows of seats.

Our hotel room was nice, and I even had my own cell.
behind bars

On the second day, we went to Fish World. I saw lots of interesting fish. I even saw some penguins.
seeing the fish

On the third day, we went to Bird World. I saw lots of interesting birds. I liked the flamingos.
seeing the birds

On the fourth day we came back home again. It was a long journey, and I didn’t really enjoy the flight. I prefer being able to stretch my legs
stretching my legs

Add comment May 25th, 2007

Light headed

I visited a nice man yesterday, and he played with my hair. But now something seems to be different. My head feels colder than before. My nice hair is gone! Some of it, anyway.
before after

Add comment May 14th, 2007

Swollen like a pig’s head

I’ve been bitten by something. It attacked me while I was sleeping last night. Now my forehead is itchy. Everyone says that my head is like a pig’s head now, as if that were a bad thing. But I like pigs. I don’t like mosquitos.

1 comment April 22nd, 2007

Fun with Aunty Eleanor

Aunty Eleanor is here! I like playing with her. It’s so funny when she shakes my hand and says “how do you do”.

Daddy is also happy. Some nice person lent her a big suitcase so that she could bring him some chocolate. Now the fridge is choc-a-block. I don’t know what that means but dad thinks it is very funny.
Some chocolate

1 comment April 6th, 2007

A scary pig

Yesterday there was an intruder in our house. A strange pink animal suddenly appeared, making funny noises. And moving towards me as if it wanted to eat me. I was a bit scared but I managed to grab him by the nose and stop him in his tracks.
The scary pig

2 comments March 25th, 2007

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