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My little brother

I’ve got a new little brother, Timmy. He doesn’t talk much, but I like him!
playing with Timmy

Add comment August 11th, 2009

Page boy

I was a page boy at uncle Frankie’s wedding on sunday. You can see Aunty Mandy behind me:
at Frankie and Mandy's wedding

And here’s another photo:
at Frankie and Mandy's wedding

1 comment October 21st, 2008

Going to school

I started school two weeks ago. At first they thought my name was Daniel, but now they have given me a badge with my proper name on
at school

I showed Aunty Eleanor my favourite toy, and cooked her some vegetables. Yum!
cooking vegetables for Aunty Eleanor

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Changed links

Dad says that my site has to change URL - from now on you can read all my updates at or at Please change your bookmarks!

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Torch bearer

The olympic torch came through Hong Kong yesterday. I saw it on TV and I wanted to help:
olympic cornbearer

Add comment May 3rd, 2008

I miss granny

Granny came to visit me for my birthday, but now she’s gone back home to see grandad and aunty Eleanor. I miss her already. She taught me lots of new songs, and read nice books with me:
reading a book with granny

Add comment March 29th, 2008

Recovering at home

Here’s some photos of the last week - this is me with gung gung before the surgery:
before the surgery

Feeling poorly the next day:
the day after the surgery

Cheered up by por por, EE and Auntie Ping Ping:
visited by por por, EE and Auntie Ping Ping

Recovering at home:
on home leave

Add comment December 5th, 2007

A strange hotel

Well, here we are on holiday, but it doesn’t seem like a very luxurious hotel. But it does seem somehow familiar, I wonder if I have been here before?
behind bars again

Add comment November 28th, 2007

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