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Fixed the date

My operation has been scheduled for Monday 12th June. The doctors will give me a general anaesthetic, and sort out my hernias. Then a few days later I’ll be free to leave hospital!!

I’m very nearly 2kg now!

Add comment June 6th, 2006

Four pounds

I’m 4 pounds today! Last week I put on 8 ounces (275g). I might be able to go home in 2 weeks.

There are some new photos and a new growth chart, now including the WHO growth standards.

2 comments May 29th, 2006

Out of intensive care!

This evening I said goodbye to the nice nurses in the intensive care unit, as they moved me to the (less intensive) special care unit! That’s exactly 8 weeks since I was born. From now on I won’t get so much attention, although I’m still plugged in to heart and oxygen monitors. I’m getting a bit of extra oxygen through a nasal cannula, but I think I won’t need it much longer.

Last week I grew a lot, but I got a bit bloated, and the doctor prescribed me diuretics to reduce the water in my body. This week it seems like I haven’t
got heavier, but I think that’s just the effect of the diuretics - I’ve still been growing bigger.

1 comment May 18th, 2006

Seven weeks old

I’m up to 3 pounds now! Last week I put on half a pound. Feeling a bit bloated now. I had more cuddles from mummy and daddy this week. I’m loving it!

There are some new photos and a new growth chart.

Add comment May 14th, 2006

Six weeks

Not much to report this week. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep. I’ve grown a bit.

Add comment May 5th, 2006

Cause for celebration

I’ve just raced through the 1kg mark! I’m a big boy now. See my growth chart for the rising trend.

Since yesterday I’ve been getting a bit less help breathing. I get 4 hours on the CPAP machine and then 4 hours with just a nasal cannula. The CPAP is good because I don’t get so worn out just breathing, but on the other hand it’s bad because I sometimes swallow quite a lot of air but haven’t yet got the hang of burping.

Add comment April 28th, 2006

One month old!

I’m one month old!! You can see my latest photos and growth chart. I weigh 875g (1.9 pounds) now.

I had a bath today. I told the nurse that I neither needed nor wanted a bath, but she didn’t seem to understand. But I reckon I got through to her eventually, and she put me back in my incubator so I could have a nice little sleep.

Add comment April 23rd, 2006

Slowly growing

I’ve been slowly growing over the last two weeks. Today I was 760g.

My dad told me he really wants to show a graph of my progress (he’s a bit excitable when it comes to statistics), so here’s my growth chart (17 April) as a .pdf file. He’ll try to keep updating this site with new versions as time goes on.

Add comment April 17th, 2006

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