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Free range piglet

Today is Christmas Day. Granny, Grandad and Aunty Eleanor are visiting Hong Kong at the moment and they bought some nice presents for me. And Uncle Ray and Auntie Ping Ping gave me my very own vacuum cleaner. I even got some presents from my friends in England! It’s so exciting to have new toys to play with.

I have been practicing walking recently. I can walk a few steps as long as there is someone there to catch me. And today I was brave enough to walk off on my own! I can also understand a lot of what is said to me in Cantonese and I can speak the most important words like ‘poe poe’ (pick me up), ‘beng beng’ (biscuit), ‘ball ball chiht’ (play room). I can even say some phrases like ‘toe toe bee bee gai gai ju’ (baby JD is going out for a walk).

Add comment December 25th, 2007

My first tooth

My first tooth has finally appeared. It has been lurking for a while, making my gum ache and itch. Now there is something quite sharp in my mouth, and I have to be more careful when I suck my thumb.

Also my weight is now 6.4kg, which is just about 10 times my birthweight. I wonder when I can be 100 times my birthweight!

Add comment February 23rd, 2007

Looking forward to a long vacation

Quite soon I’ll be going on a long holiday. I’m going to meet a lot of new friends, and see one of my grandfathers for the first time. I’m really looking forward to chatting with Auntie Eleanor, and letting Granny Cowling change my nappies nicely. Now I’m just thinking whether it would be more exciting to stay awake for the whole 12-hour flight, or if I should get as much sleep as I can so that I’m ready for a full day of activities when I arrive. Mum and dad are suggesting me to take the second option.

This week I have been turning over from my front to my back. And I weigh 12 pounds now.

2 comments November 8th, 2006

Rolling over

Tonight I was just going to have a lie down, but I wasn’t very tired. When mum put me down on my back, I had a wriggle, and I managed to roll over onto my front. It’s the first time I’ve done it! The only problem was that I couldn’t get back onto my back, and I don’t really like being on my tummy for too long. Luckily mum was there to help me.

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I’m really looking forward to meeting my granny; she’s coming in a few days! I’ve been learning to speak, so that I can tell her all my exciting news myself. So far I’ve learnt how to tell her when I’m happy (”ooh”)…

I’m still loving my mobile, and all my toys which rattle or make funny noises. Sometimes I try to grab them, but often my hands aren’t free to grab anything - they are in my mouth!

Oh, and I weigh 10 pounds now!

Add comment September 11th, 2006

Watching the world around me

I’m starting to notice the things around me. I look at mum and granny sometimes, and I watched my mobile go round when it was making funny noises. I’ve decided that I don’t like being left in my bed when I’m awake, and I really appreciate it when mum picks me up and cuddles me.

Last week mum let me sleep on my tummy sometimes. I practiced being a frog. One time she put me down facing to the right, which I didn’t like at all. So I lifted up my head and turned it the left instead. But it was very tiring work, and after I got there I wasn’t sure it was any better.

Oh, and I weigh 7 pounds today!

Add comment July 15th, 2006

Happy days at home

I’ve been at home for two weeks now. It’s much better than hospital. My baths are nice and warm, and those people looking after me are very helpful. And meeting new friends is good fun!

I’ve also put on a bit of a growth spurt, I weigh 6 1/4 pounds now.

1 comment July 1st, 2006

Getting edgy

I now weight more than 2kg! (see growth chart).

The surgeon came and poked me very early this morning. I’m going to have keyhole surgery on monday. Being poked about was all a bit upsetting, and spoilt my whole day.

In my state of upset, I wriggled around quite a lot and scratched my face this morning, you can see the damage in my latest photos.

Add comment June 11th, 2006

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