My feeding time story

October 5th, 2006

For the past one week or two, Mummy tells me this story at least once a day during one of my meals. Here it comes:

I have been doing some travelling, usually through deserts in different continents. My camel and I have long walks in the sun. For some reasons, I usually get into a situation where I am abandoned by the camel, and I’m left without any water. But I’m a very lucky little boy, and I always manage to crawl to an inn or a motel in the middle of the desert. The keeper of the inn or motel is always kind to offer me different sorts of liquid. Mummy likes to emphasise how thirsty I am and how nice the water, the milk, and the soup are. She even imitates the gulping noises made by extremely thirsty people gobbling down their drinks. After hearing how hot it is in the desert, and how thirsty I am, I can’t resist drinking down my own bottle of milk.

I found this story fascinating at the beginning. But because she has repeated it a lot, I now consider it more of a bedtime story, and fall fast asleep when I hear it.

However, I am still impressed with the bit where my camel runs away. I don’t think camels are nice animals. I still prefer my cow. Also, according to the story, I have left my footprints in the deserts of America, Africa, Australia and Asia. Cool or what!!!

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  • 1. Katayoon  |  October 27th, 2006 at 12:35 am

    My lovely James:
    You are the most precious one in the world for your Mummy and Daddy.
    They want the whole world for you.
    You have got the most wonderful and kindest Mum and Dad in the world ,ever.
    Please eat and drink well to grow up very fast, so you could win Arveen in the race, successfully.
    I wish Arveen could Travel with you in the dessert through all the different countries.
    lots of kisses and hugs
    Auntie Kathy

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