He’s not a darling

In church yesterday, Auntie Felicity saw Timmy and said “Oh, he’s a darling”. I said “No no no, he’s not a darling, he’s a pudding!”


Add comment June 21st, 2010

Wearing glasses

I saw the doctor last week and he said I should wear glasses. I am +1 long-sighted.

Here I am reading my favourite book, you can see Timmy trying to get his hands on it too.
My glasses

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Making little brother laugh

Timmy is always happy. I like making him laugh!

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My little brother

I’ve got a new little brother, Timmy. He doesn’t talk much, but I like him!
playing with Timmy

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Funny balloon

It was windy yesterday and playing with the balloon was so funny. It was like a boomerang-balloon!

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Putting my clothes on for school

I know how to get dressed myself, now

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Lion tiger

Watch out, the tiger is getting you!

1 comment May 26th, 2009

Playing piano

I enjoy playing the piano like daddy

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